Monday, November 17, 2014

A carb-heavy breakfast during a board game convention ... In July

Breakfasts in Quebec in July!

Café Mason, San Francisco

Cafe Mason is one of the fun and funky diners that dot San Francisco. It has a full menu, is spacious inside, and has booths that look out onto the street.

I was trying to be good, and I ordered a frittata. However, they were out. I played that up. "I came all the way from Florida and you're out of frittatas?"

The waitress recommended the corned beef hash. "I'm a vegetarian, and I like the hash," she said.

So I had corned beef hash, poached eggs, home fries sourdough toast, and fresh fruit. The fruit was because I'm being healthy, right? 


It was delicious. The home fries were so good I didn't  need hot sauce or ketchup. And the hash was melt in your mouth good.

The price was higher than South Florida, but it's San Francisco. And it is well worth it.