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Dune Deck's Mimosa Cafe, Boynton Beach, May 3, 2014

We love the Dune Deck. We've reviewed it twice before: February 9, 2014 and September 28, 2013. Dune Deck was a favorite breakfast spot long before we started this blog. Amazing view of the ocean and some pretty fine food.

Well, Dune Deck has expanded inland. With the naming, I suspect Dune Deck was hoping to capitalize on its well-earned reputation... and it worked! When my friend Susan suggested this place, which has been open a year unbeknownst to me, I jumped at the chance to go.

The view is of a parking lot -- pretty as parking lots go, but still a shopping center parking lot. The food is great though. And the service was efficient and friendly. Hi Ashley!

The name Mimosa got Susan and I thinking about that lovely morning drink... but we decided to forego this time around since we both had other plans later in the day and didn't want to end up napping.

The menu is different than the beachside Dune Deck, plus there's a bakery and deli along one side. The inside of the restaurant is much bigger than you'd expect from the parking lot, and is very tastefully decorated, which is good with no ocean view to appreciate.

A portion of the menu:

I took this photo because HELLO, here is a restaurant that thinks Florentine Benedict means Eggs Benedict with spinach along with the ham, not in place of the ham. I agree. (you may remember that I was not happy at Beachside in Melbourne which didn't put ham on its Florentine Benedict.)

You can also read the description of what my friend Susan ordered, the Tropical French Toast.

The plates were beautiful. Lots of garnish, but mostly edible. Wish they'd told me about the sliced tomatoes, because I would've told them to save them for someone who'd appreciate them. The Florentine Benedict was fabulous. Loved the sauce, the eggs were perfect, the english muffin was good (and I was able to cut it easily, take note, E.R. Bradley's), the ham was a perfect complement. The potatoes... were a little large for me. I like some crispiness and these were too big to get much crispy. But they were good.

Look how gorgeous this is:

Now with syrup: 

Despite all that sugar and syrup, Susan said it wasn't too sweet. I tried a bite myself, and she was right. The bread was quite light, and there was a lovely hint of cinnamon. Susan had to take home a third of it as leftovers.

And here's an idea of their specials and lunch options:

Dune Deck's Mimosa Cafe
10833 South Jog Road STE 200
Boynton Beach, Florida 32437
Telephone:  (561) 742-8005

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