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E.R. Bradley's, West Palm Beach, April 19, 2014

This isn't a full review because we were really at E.R. Bradley's for a wedding. It was suppose to be on the beach at dawn with brunch at Bradley's after, but a thunderstorm at 6 a.m. had the two brides scrambling, and the wedding ended up AT Bradley's.

Despite this big event, it was still an everyone-order-their-own-thing meal, so I guess this still counts as a review after all.

We stopped going to Bradley's a few years ago because though the location is fabulous -- at the end of Clematis Street in downtown West Palm Beach, with a huge covered porch overlooking the intracoastal and the island of Palm Beach -- the food is mediocre at best. But for our friends' big day, we were happy to give Bradley's a try again.

Before I get too far, let me say the waiter did well despite the busy, seat-changing, guest-mingling event, and he was charming. The music over the sound system was terrific. Don't know if it was their own selection or a satellite station, but definitely good tunes set a good mood for a fun Saturday morning. And of course, Bradley's view is the best in downtown West Palm Beach.

So if you work at Bradley's or love it for some reason, you can stop reading now.

For those who wan to really know: the food is still meh.

Daughter's chocolate chip waffle was a big thick waffle with too many chocolate chips just piled on top. Yes, my kid said there were TOO MANY chocolate chips. She thought it was a rather lazy way of doing a chocolate chip waffle. She ate about half.

Note again, that this was a wedding reception and there were toasts and speeches and new people to talk to and we kinda forgot about photos until pretty far into the meal. 

Here's what's left of my Eggs Benedict. It was good, well except for two major flaws.  The biscuit was toasted so hard that it took effort to cut. And also, deli thin-sliced ham is not appropriate on Eggs Benedict. When you have to look to see if they remembered the ham, it's a disappointing meal. The home fries were dull. 

We had a vegan at our table, who, like us, was there for our mutual friends, and concerned about a good meal second. She had quite a struggle with the waiter finding something, anything that the Bradley's kitchen could put together for her. They finally decided on oatmeal and blueberries. She said it was good... except that it was about four meals worth of food. This photo is after she'd been eating for awhile. She took more than 2/3s home with her.

Ou other table mate went with an omelette. She liked it and the potatoes, so not everyone was disappointed.

My husband had creamed chipped beef, which many folks know by another name whose initials are S.O.S. He and I vaguely recalled that he'd liked this before off the Sunday buffet. But when my husband leaves this much food on his plate, he clearly didn't like it. Looking back, maybe his good memory of the S.O.S. was relative to other food offered at an Easter Sunday buffet years ago.

Hey, the important thing is our friends had a lovely wedding. Bradley's was accommodating for allowing the ceremony at the last minute (which was a smart move on their part since there were 45 breakfast customers involved). So if you have to plan a back-up place for an outdoor wedding in weather-crazy Florida, I do recommend Bradley's.

We will remember the day fondly. Here's Sean and our daughter:

E. R. Bradley's
104 Clematis St 
West Palm FL 33401 
561 833-3520

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