Thursday, August 8, 2013

Sande's Restaurant, Delray Beach, FL Aug 8,2013

The actual name is "Sande's and Shaynes". You will see it on the menu. Yes, I know about the missing apostrophe. It is the restaurant's typo, not mine.

First Impressions

A Florida tradition -- Sande's will have been in business 30 years come January.

The restaurant is clean and well-lit. Decor is from the early 80s and well-maintained. Roomy, comfortable booths and a row of swivel chairs at the counter. It was not crowded, and the customers were mostly ancient. Go to Sande's before their customers die off!

Seriously, two guys near me were talking about when they had to abandon ship.  Navy guys, obviously.  And if they were 18 in 1943, that makes them 83 now. They looked good! Or maybe they abandoned ship in a later conflict.

Anyway, on with the review ...

There is a 6 page menu. The motto is "extensive but not expensive." Hot sauce, ketchup and hand sanitizer are right at the table. I had to ask for Sweet 'n Low, though. This is an old-fashioned sugar crowd.

It seems a very family place. A young girl showed up and the head waitress asked if she wanted to wait some tables and make some money today (the answer was "no." Typical kids. Why in my day ... but I digress). I could see the cook (his upper torso, anyway) through a slot in the wall. I like when I can see the kitchen -- they aren't hiding anything.

The Food

Coffee was pretty standard. Black as my heart and piping hot. Sande's is generous with refills.

I ordered the Farm Style Omelette -- potato, ham, onions and cheese with gravy for $8.95. I could have ordered potatoes on the side for an extra 50 cents, but there were already potatoes in the omelette.

The food came fast. The cook must have been in some kind of zen state where he can whip out masterwork meals in 5 minutes. Best part: The food was delicious.  Whoever thought to put gravy on an omelette is a freakin' genius. 

The omelette was seasoned perfectly, too. The gravy is just spicy enough to add some zing. I didn't even need to use salt and pepper.

I ate the whole thing. 

The Service

Friendly, fast service. Extra bonus points to the waitress, because I asked her if I should get the gravy on the Farm Style Omelette, and she said, "oh, yeah!"

Memorable Note

I wanted to check out the bathroom. I asked for directions and was told to "pardon the construction," and headed toward the back. But one of the old sailors got up and moved ... very slowly ... toward the bathroom at the same time. I decided to not go, because if he can survive a ship sinking, his balls are probably so big there's not enough room in the bathroom for me.

Worth a Return Visit? I'm definitely coming back. For one thing, Cindy has to try this place.  For another, I need to see if their corned beef hash and home fries are up to snuff (I'm betting yes).

1717 N. Federal Highway, Delray Beach, FL

Trip Advisor link: Sande's

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  1. I love that this blog is not only a food and restaurant reiew.... but also a menu grammar critique.