Saturday, August 10, 2013

Pete's Place, Greenacres, August 10, 2013

First Impressions

Pete's is tucked away in the Publix shopping center at the corner of Forest Hill and Jog Road, and it has been open 22 years. You can check out the menu on a whiteboard in the window, which is helpful.

 It's your standard diner inside, well-lit, nice wide, clean booths and tables, and row of swivel chairs in front of a bar for single diners. The decor is wood paneling, as well as some nondescript paintings, but Pete's also puts up artwork made by children who eat there, and that's a nice touch. And hey, free, fast wifi. I wrote and published this review while at Pete's, and checked my email to boot.

Pete's also has a collection of old-timey kitchen appliances on display.  Either that or they've captured a posse of tiny, shiny robots. That's right, Pete's may have saved us from the Robot Invasion. Come check it out for yourself.

The Food

Anyway, there is a 6 page menu, as well as specials every weekend. I usually have the chicken portabella omelette, but decided to go with the Asheville Omelette (spinach, onions, mushrooms, potatoes, cheese) and a side of home fries and a pair of Pete's big biscuits. 

The home fries are the best part of a breakfast at Pete's for me. They are sauteed with onions and expertly seasoned.  These home fries are dangerously delicious.

I ate both biscuits and ALL the home fries. It's a good thing I'm going for a long bike ride after eating this. Though to be honest, to work off all these calories, I'm going to have to bike to Tallahassee.

I found the Asheville Omelette a little too onion heavy.  So I'll stick to my chicken portabella omelette next time, or try one of the others (with 6 pages of menu to choose from, I've got some options). I've also had the fruit-stuffed french toast, which is very good.

They also have nice muffins and cookies for sale at the counter.

The Service

There's almost no turnover in the staff that I can see, which tells you something. The ladies of Pete's are friendly and attentive, and quick on the coffee refills.

Worth a Return Visit?

Always. We'll always have Pete's.

Riverbridge Plaza
 6774 Forest Hill Blvd, Greenacres

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