Sunday, August 25, 2013

Deli Inn Diner, West Palm Beach, August 25, 2013

Deli Inn Diner is a neighborhood regular spot. The folks that love this place, love this place. We used to like the place enough that we were occasional customers., but never often enough to be real regulars. Deli Inn Diner is big on welcoming new guests, and we get asked every single time if we've been there before.

Go be a first timer. Enjoy the experience. Then become a regular if you like the fun waitresses or the location. The place is really friendly whether you are a "virgin" or not. Or just move on to another breakfast favorite because Deli Inn Diner is not going to blow you away with their food.

Great food or no, the place gets crowded! There is a line later in the morning on weekends. The place is a bit of an institution and it's fun. It has basic breakfast fare. But now that we've expanded our horizons and tried a few more breakfast places around town, we aren't big fans anymore.

Today, Sean had corned beef hash, poached eggs and home fries with coffee.

 I had two biscuits with sausage gravy, plus two eggs over medium and a glass of orange juice.

After the likes of John G's, you notice they don't put a lot of effort into their display. But Deli Inn Diner is a basic breakfast joint, not a fancy place across from the Ritz Carlton. The eggs were adequate, Sean declared the hash mediocre, the potatoes were bland, and the biscuits were a bit heavy. The biscuits are excellent when drowned in the really good sausage gravy.

The waitresses make this place. Expect some sass. They are a fun bunch, and many have worked there a long time. They do themes each day, and coordinate. Today was Harley Davidson day, so all the waitresses were wearing Harley shirts, earrings, bandanas, whatever. A few customers were on bikes, though none were Harleys. The theme we've enjoyed the most -- cause we're geeks I guess -- was the superhero day, when each waitress wears a super hero shirt, one had a small cape, and a few even had themed earrings.

Deli Inn Diner is famous for its huge muffins, which I ate once. It was kind of overwhelming, but you'll get one on your first visit. They also have an ongoing dice game -- where you pay a dollar, and roll 5 dice, hoping for a five of a kind. If you don't roll a 5 of a kind, your dollar is added to the pot. Whoever rolls that "yahtzee," wins the pot. Today it was over $800, and they added another dollar off of me!

The name has always confused me because it's not a deli, it's not an inn, but it is a diner. We often call it Deli Diner Inn.

Cash only. Don't bother with your credit cards.

1494 S Military Trail, 
West Palm Beach, FL
(561) 964-1116

Deli Inn Diner

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