Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Al Pan Pan, West Palm Beach, August 27, 2013

Quick take out review:
I've driven past this place for a decade. Finally dropped by this morning, inspired by our breakfast adventure.
Cute little place with friendly staff. Three cases of sugared, glossy, delightful pastries greet you -- haven for a sweet tooth like mine. Ten or so small tables. Free WiFi!
As I thought, this family-owned Argentinian restaurant and bakery caters very much to a Spanish speaking crowd. The menu is written in Spanish, with English translations. I love having my cultural norms flipped on me.
The churro was fresh and soft and perfectly sugared. My other pastry was filled with a dulche de leche cream. Delish and not overly sweet. I don't drink coffee and these pastries make me regret that.
I'm looking forward to coming here again for a more full experience and a virtual mini trip to South America. I'll bring my high schooler so she can practice her Spanish. It is fun to remind ourselves of the rich culture we have here in South Florida.
1000 S. Military Trail
West Palm Beach, FL

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