Monday, May 5, 2014

Nana's, West Palm Beach, April 12, 2014

Sean and I went to Nana's on a nice slow Saturday morning. This was the location of a former Denny's that I remember eating breakfast after midnight after dancing late at a bar called Country Nights ... about 20 years ago. The new owners clearly gutted it and started fresh; you probably wouldn't know it was a Denny's if you didn't have that memory.

We were attracted by the name, because Sean's mom is called Nana by her grandkids. But this Nana's diner is named after the owner's daughter!

Well-dressed waiters -- in fact, probably too well dressed for breakfast. It was a little disconcerting. 

Big menu, lots of options. Here's a small part of the menu:

Here's my artsy shot of the classic diner table landscape:

Ok, enough artsy, how was the food? Well, it was fine. It wasn't awful... even though at first glance I slightly appalled at the vision of slices of American cheese on my omelet. I special requested cheese in my spinach omelet, and I am guessing they forgot and threw the cheese on at the end? It tasted fine. The biscuit was good... I think.

The thing is we we got distracted and haven't written up our review for three weeks.... and well, we really can't remember much about the meal. It was fine. Not memorable. The location is convenient, restaurant is large and clean and well lit, the wait staff was courteous and helpful. The food ... was there. 

Sean took a picture of his meal, which he will have to upload. I can't even remember what he had.

Best part of the meal was by far the smoothie. We had something something with blueberries. It was delish. And fun to share.

Go. You won't be sorry. But no need to go out of your way.

1230 N Military Trail
West Palm Beach, FL 33409
(561) 640-2922

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