Saturday, September 28, 2013

Dune Deck, Lantana, September 28, 2013

Dune Deck is one of our long-time faves. Can not beat that ocean view, nor the ocean breeze right through the open dining area.


Lantana public beach, with the Dune Deck to the right.

The kids, Sean and I shared a breakfast appetizer of beignets. My daughter said, "It tastes like funnel cake!" Well, yeah, it's fried dough with powdered sugar, it just has a fancier name. These were not as light and fluffy as Sean remembers from New Orleans, but somehow we managed to suffer through 6 of them as a family.

Authentic or not, they went fast. Barely got a photo of two of them before they all looked like this one above!

I ordered two eggs over medium, and thought they were a touch too done, but that's the risk of over medium. Potatoes were fine, picky eater that I am, I ate around the peppers and onions. The whole wheat toast was yummy. Sean and I both wanted biscuits but Dune Deck doesn't serve them.

Ellie as usual got a lunch meal for breakfast. Her fries were fabulous according to her and to Sean. Her bacon cheese hamburger was the best thing I ate all morning, when she let me steal 3 bites. Usually Sean eats the pickle, but he said that didn't sit right as a breakfast food.

Peter had massive chocolate chip pancakes. They brought out three, and he said he could eat three, but after eating one (also after 1 1/2 beignets), he declared himself stuffed to bursting. The rest came home for a snack or two later.

Sean had corned beef hash and eggs. And will add his comments and photo later. He cleaned his plate pretty well, so it couldn't have been too bad!

Our waitress was lovely and attentive and interested in how we were doing. She tried to engage comic-book-reading Peter with tales of her own comic book faves, but the boy was having none of it. Some day he'll care when a pretty waitress talks to him, but not today.

Our waitress was also good natured when Sean declared he'd ordered coffee when she brought out hot tea. I corrected him and said, yes he did order tea.I noticed because he rarely does. Later the waitress ribbed him by making sure I was listening when he ordered his breakfast. A good-natured waitress can make a good meal better.

The tables along the edge of the eating area can get a lot of sun despite the awning and table umbrellas. We avoided that, but sadly we ended up parked under a wind tunnel fan which made talking difficult and keeping a napkin on the table impossible. Avoid that table at the top of the short stairs if you can. We certainly will next time.

For now while the Lantana bridge is still under repair, you can get to A1A via Boynton Beach bridge or Lake Worth bridge. Supposedly only a couple more months of this.... Thankfully, like John G's across the way, Dune Deck doesn't appear to be hurting for customers.

Great place to take out of town guests to show off why you live in Florida.


100 N Ocean Blvd
Lantana Beach, Florida. 33462

Dune Deck Cafe

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