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Proseccos, Palm Beach Gardens, September 15, 2013

Disclaimer: Prosecco's is owned by friends and former neighbors of ours. Further disclaimer: I am a lousy friend, because it took me years to finally get here and I am kicking myself for that.

Had lunch here last week and it was great. Yummy spinach and feta quiche with a side of roasted sweet potatoes. And I indulged in a decadent dessert afterward, that took all day to finish, and left impressed. So when I realized the birthday of a friend who likes Prosecco was coming up, I proposed meeting here for brunch.

Prosecco's was pretty full on a late Sunday morning. We got a table right away but service was slow. My friend, who is a regular, said that's pretty normal on busy weekends. But the place has a European cafe feel on purpose, and who needs to be in a rush on a Sunday morning.

Our group started with a bread basket, which is full of a variety of delicious breads -- some cheesey, some with dried fruit, some whole grain. And yeah, I didn't get a picture fast enough before most of the bread was snarfed. The bakery really is the star of this cafe.

I also started with a mimosa, which was fine. How can you mess up o.j. and sparkling wine?

After drooling over all the options on the menu, I ordered a Florentine Andi since I'd already tried the quiche. An "andi" is a small sandwich, coming from the Italian "andiamo," meaning "we walk." This breakfast sandwich came on a low-calorie multi grain bread that was delcious, with egg whites and spinach. To be honest, I was a little disappointed, but admittedly it's partially my fault. Egg whites are boring, so the sandwich was a bit bland... at least after the first few bites. The first few bites were incredibly salty. I suspect my sandwich touched something salty, or someone's hand slipped in the kitchen and one end of the eggs got extra salted.

My other concern for this sandwich is -- not that I was planning to walk around -- there's no way anyone could walk around eating this drippy, messy sandwich. The egg whites were much bigger than the bread. I ended up using a knife and fork to keep the food off my fingers and clothes. Meanwhile, the sweet potatoes were excellent again.

The birthday girl had quiche lorraine, and let me have a bite. Mmmm, that's when I fully realized my disappointment with the Florentine Andi was just the nature of the bland choice. The quiche was fabulous and delicious. Excellent crust, but not too thick, and very flavorful filling. She chose the salad as a side.

Her daughter ordered the four cheese quiche and ate it up. Afterward, she thought perhaps she'd gotten a spinach feta quiche by accident, because there was more green in it than justified by a few herbs, but obviously she didn't complain. And since I didn't take a photo of her meal, we will never know what it was!

My daughter ordered a "fancy Italian ham and cheese" as I called it. With prosciutto and thick slabs of mozzarella, it seemed straight out of a cafe in Florence. Sadly, girl child's tastes aren't quite Italian, and she felt it was too much mozzarella, but she did love the prosciutto. She also enjoyed a chocolate chip volcano cookie afterward.

The birthday girl's husband ordered the All American, which was a ham and cheese omelet with potatoes, salad, and a side of bacon. So there are options for those whose tastes aren't so continental. Though, wait, omelets were originally French...? Oh I am so confused.

Service was fine, once we finally got to ordering. Water glasses filled often enough. No one had coffee, so we won't have Sean's coffee review this time. I bet it's good though knowing Alison and Avi!

I recommend this place. It was terrific at lunch, and a mixed bag at a busy weekend brunch time. I plan to take my husband here on a less busy weekday morning to try it again. And I will doubly make sure to order something from the bakery.


4580 PGA Blvd
Palm Beach Gardens, FL

Prosecco Cafe

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