Monday, September 23, 2013

Hamburger Heaven, West Palm Beach, September 21, 2013

So we had to drop our daughter off for a beach cleanup on the island of Palm Beach. I thought this'll be a great time to try out some Palm Beach eatery. But when I looked up their menus online, I just could not get excited about spending $24 for a plate of eggs. Oh, I'm sure it'd be delicious, cooked by highly trained French chefs, with eggs from golden chickens. In fact, I worried, what if it is so good, it ruins me for all other breakfast places? Didn't want to take that risk.

Then I remembered the *former* Palm Beach diner, now located on this side of the lake, Hamburger Heaven. It's on Clematis, just down the way from World of Beer, the fountains, and Palm Beach Drama Works. I haven't eaten there since they moved into West Palm, and per their web site, they do serve breakfast. My husband had never eaten there, so it was a chance for me to surprise him again.

One warning about that website: It says Hamburger Heaven opens at 7:30 each morning. Well, when we arrived on Saturday morning, the sign out front said they open at 9:00 on Saturday and Sunday. Luckily we were not early birds, and we were their first customers at 9:01. The waitress explained that the every morning breakfast is only during season, so soon enough, we can all get this fabulous breakfast every day.

Oh, that "fabulous" was some foreshadowing. Because Hamburger Heaven's breakfast is exactly that. Both our meals were terrific.

Sean and I both had home fries, which were served extra crispy. I'd never had home fries prepared like these and I loved 'em. They were probably clogging my arteries, but oh what a way to go. Deelish. My cardiologist will not want me to go back.

I ordered an omelet with ham, swiss cheese and spinach. Usually the egg is just a carrier, and I focus on how much I like the stuffings. But this omelet had the fluffiest eggs I have seen since starting this breakfast adventure. Befitting the name of the restaurant, these eggs were like a cloud. The stuffing was good too.

Meanwhile, Sean had a fruit craving, and indulged in a tower of blueberry pancakes. They smelled divine on my side of the table. Look at all those blueberries inside.

Unbelievably we were the only customers the whole time we were there. What's wrong with you people? It might be named Hamburger Heaven, but they serve up a heavenly breakfast as well. There are several hamburger themed items on the breakfast menu, but we didn't try any of those. The prices were totally realistic and appropriate for those of us living on the mainland. I am sure a breakfast this good, the Palm Beachers are making the journey over the bridge to visit their old favorite haunt.

This place is totally going on the repeat list. To be honest, we are already planning our return visit. So remember how I said I didn't want to risk going to the fancy French Palm Beach eatery because what if I didn't want to go anywhere else? Um, well, Hamburger Heaven turns out to have been more of a risk.

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