Friday, September 6, 2013

Toojays, Lake Worth, September 5, 2013

Toojays is a chain, but it's a South Florida chain. And also, they make good consistent breakfast, so that's where I went today.

The dangerous part of Toojays is their fabulous dessert case that you have to walk past to get to the dining room. And after you order, the waitress hands you a dessert menu, even though you ordered breakfast and it's only 10 a.m., and she kindly prompts you that you can get something to go for later. And then she'll ask two more times before you leave to make sure. Their desserts are to die for, but my pal and I managed to escape without any desserts.

I had a spinach, ham and swiss omelette. Even though that wasn't an option on the menu. I appreciate a kitchen that will accommodate. The waitress gave me a long list of options that included home fries and grits and tomatoes, but before I chose, my pal let me know that if I ask, I can get a potato pancake. Wheee! This is a good friend -- she didn't even know I love potato pancakes. And so I did...

My potato pancake was delightful -- crunchy on outside and creamy potato-y on the inside. I ate it up along with my chock-full omelette and it was delightful in each bite. My friend had eggs, poached medium with homefries and a bagel. We both pretty much cleaned our plates.

We chose Toojays today for its location and good food, but also because on a slow Friday mid-morning, we knew they wouldn't rush us out. We dawdled quite awhile catching up, and other than repeated suggestions of visiting the dessert case, we weren't hassled by the waitress. I unfortunately do not have a photo of the dessert case to impress you with, because if I'd looked, I would've bought....

A good time was had by all for less than $15. Toojays is a great spot all over South Florida and up the Treasure Coast for a consistent great meal at decent prices. And if you are ready for dessert, in the restaurant or to take home, they are more than willing to make you happy!

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