Tuesday, October 1, 2013

David and Dad's, Baltimore, Maryland

So this morning, I had a long, long, LONG walk to the Oxford Club office in Baltimore.  For some reason, they put us up in a hotel all the way across town. Probably for the view of the harbor. 

Anyway, I don't take that as a reason to take a taxi. I take that as a walking challenge.

Most of the "breakfast" places along the way served nothing but sandwiches. But then I found "David and Dad's".

And here are the breakfast specials on a white board outside.

I decided to go with the Meatlover's Omelette. It looks like this ...

The omelette is loaded with meat and melted cheese, and the potatoes are superb. I'm not even seasoning anything, which is unusual for me. The biscuits were nice also, and the vanilla coffee I had was pretty standard.

The staff is curteous and helpful. the coffee is self-serve, with a bunch of different flavors, and you pay after you eat, even though the ordering set-up is cafeteria style. 

I think I've found my breakfast place in Baltimore. If you know of any place better, let me know.


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