Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Beachside Cafe, Melbourne Beach, March 22, 2014

Sean had a business trip in the midAtlantic beach, and the family went with him. We stopped for breakfast at this little diner. The most awkward, spouse-argument-inducing part was the parking. The restaurant faces a major street, coming over a bridge from the mainland, so parking is in back for all the shops and restaurants in the little strip mall. But there wasn't a single sign to let you know which lot belonged to Beachside. Forbidding signs about being towed behind one store had us concerned. We finally parked and guessed which door, and as we walked up we confirmed we'd made the right choice. But we weren't happy about that kind of stress so early on a Saturday morning.

Despite those hassles, we got there just in time. The place was packed soon, and there was a line as we left. So plenty of folks were willing to brave the parking lot confusion. The place is small so it got crowded.

The menu is extensive; it took us a while to figure out what to order!

I had Eggs Benedict Florentine, which since I didn't read the menu closely I assumed meant Eggs Benedict WITH spinach (florentine = spinach). But it turns out the spinach REPLACED the ham. Huh. Well, I am sure that's healthier for me, but I was a bit disappointed. The hollandaise sauce was good, not cloying, not too much of it. The eggs were poached well and the whole thing was yummy.

The boy as usual had chocolate chip pancakes. He was not able to finish all three for breakfast, but the last one made a good road trip snack for the ride home.

Sean and I split biscuits and gravy. The gravy was bland. Meh.

The girl also had chocolate chip pancakes, plus bacon. She polished it all off and said YUM.

What did Sean have and how was it? Only he knows! he took the picture of his own meal. We shall see if he adds to this review and lets you know! I made note that he said the hash was good, but he was annoyed by a leaky water glass.

Beachside Cafe
109 5th Ave, Indialantic, FL 32903(321) 953-8444

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