Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Lester's, Sunrise, March 3, 2014

Finally made it to this institution with three friends before an Ikea run. It's always a good idea to fuel up before spending several hours wandering through Ikea's showrooms. Pictures were taken but appear to have been lost. :-(

I had a spinach and cheddar omelet.I had special ordered it; the norm was spinach and feta.  It seemed the cheddar was only on top, not mixed in. So it wasn't the cheesiest, but it was huge.  It was good, but I couldn't finish it. I also got a side order of biscuits and gravy at a small cost in place of toast. I split this with S. she loved it, but I found the biscuit a wee too sweet. The sauce was good and not too peppery.

S had the standard spinach and feta omelet and she loved it.

B was the good one among us and had an egg white omelet. She knew egg white omelets are often flavorless, but she praised this one as being delicious.

E ordered up the Belgian waffles with strawberries, which looked amazing. Other than the strawberries rolling off her plate occasionally in some irrational attempt to escape, her meal behaved and was delightful.

Service was quick and efficient. The place was packed on a late Monday morning but we got a great seat and were served right away. And the table was cleared very quickly. By the time I finished paying up front and then came back to put down the tip, the table was already clean!

Nice looking selection of pastries near the entrance, but I avoided looking at them to avoid temptation. We also didn't try out the mini jukebox on the table. I bet that'd be fun with the kids.

I am not providing a link to the Lester's Website, because my malware blocker warns there's something dangerous on their page. Eeep! Stick with the old fashioned way of contacting them:

1393 NW 136th Ave
Sunrise, FL
(954) 838-7473

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