Sunday, February 16, 2014

Al Pan Pan, West Palm Beach, January 25

Again, late with another review, but this one has photos! I had stopped by this little Argentinian/Uruguayan cafe last year and picked up some pastries, which I enjoyed.

We visited this little bakery/restaurant again in hopes of letting our daughter practice her Spanish. The menu is in Spanish, with helpful, and sometimes amusing English translations. For example, did you know that the Spanish dish "macaroni and cheese" translates to "macaroni and cheese"?

Sadly the waitress didn't help out and only spoke English with us despite our mention of wanting to practice, though she spoke Spanish at other tables. Oh well.

The cafe is simple, about a dozen tables. Lots of big photos of Argentina, and a broken player piano in the back.

I had an egg, ham and cheese sandwich on a croissant. Ellie had bacon and cheese sandwich on a croissant, but they also threw on an egg which she hadn't wanted. She ate it anyway. Both of our sandwiches were messy, filling, but mostly unmemorable.

Sean had scrambled eggs, ham and "hash browns" which were really just tater tots.  I'll have to bug him to remember what he can about it.

The food wasn't anything spectacular for us to go back for and we will find another restaurant for practicing speaking Spanish. This place is always busy, so obviously some people like it. Never having been to South America, I can't say that this cafe makes me nostalgic for anything.

But, free wifi! And quite a beautiful display of pastries!

Al Pan Pan
1000 S Military Trl
West Palm Beach, FL 33415

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