Sunday, February 16, 2014

Hobo's, North Palm Beach, February 6, 2014

I am trying to combine my breakfast eating with visiting with old friends. And this time I remembered a couple of photos, unlike poor Gabriel's in Wellington.

Sara suggested this diner called Hobo's on Northlake Blvd. The parking lot was packed because clearly some pool cleaning company was having a big breakfast meeting and all their trucks with trailers were filling up the parking lot. But I can see why they chose this place: plenty of seating and great food. Lots of police officers eating here when we left, another sign of a good place.

But the food spoke for itself. I had my standard ham and spinach omelette and it was yummy. Good mix of spinach and salty ham and eggs fluffier than I can ever get them at home. I indulged in a biscuit which was big and a wee bit dry, but I had no problem finishing it.

The staff was friendly and yet, also stayed out of the way to let Sara and I catch up. But I did forget to ask my friend how she liked her sandwich. I'll add in her comments later -- it sure looks good, doesn't it?

I can vouch for the fact that she didn't have leftovers!

Sara has a few other breakfast places in her neck of the woods to show me, but I'd have no problem coming back to Hobo's too. Its big red sign is easy to see from the road. The no frills basic diner decor was neat and clean. Family owned, which means they take pride in their work and you get to watch their adorable toddler scamper around the place.

Once my husband finds out they have two signature hot sauces called Bitch Spit and Rude Awakening, he will want to try this place out himself.

Sadly I did not make note of the wifi.

Hobo's Gourmet Kitchen
421 Northlake Blvd.
North Palm Beach, FL 33408
(561) 841-8305

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